South Park: the Stick of Truth 1.0

The South Park series brilliantly adapted to role play on PC

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is a hilarious game that was inspired by the irreverent humor of the adult animated show titled South Park, and the game is quite well made considering the content.

This title comes from Obsidian Entertainment, the same producers of such amazing games as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas. While it lacks the grandeur of those other titles, the game itself is exceptionally well-made and is obviously the greatest game ever inspired by South Park.

The game is an open-world RPG, so players take the role of a new kid to the town of South Park, who is nicknamed 'Douchebag' by Cartman, who acts as the game's main character. Players can select their appearance and class, of which options include thief, mage, warrior, and Jew. The goal of the game is to find the 'Stick of Truth', which is said to hold the fate of all mankind. The player acts out the orders of Cartman while working with allies like Butters, Kenny, and Stan.

If you are a fan of the series, you'll be unable to stop yourself from laughing at the similarities between the show and the game. The game is clearly not meant for children, as it contains a crass array of vulgar language and toilet humor. Those who are squeamish to the humor style of South Park should avoid this game, but hopefully that was fairly obvious.

Obsidian Entertainment did not pull any punches with this game in terms of their development. The vile and hilarious content aside, the exploration of the town of South Park is quite well done, and it includes several hidden quests and surprises waiting for the curious player. The combat system is innovative as well, and clearly is meant to be a focus of the game.

Battling consists of two characters facing a group of enemies akin to older turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy or Pokemon, but this game has another angle. As players give more commands, they must also press button combos in order to unlock increased power.

Timing and skill are very important in this game, but those who are familiar with normal RPGs will not have much of a challenge. The game does not offer an advanced difficulty level, and the hardest difficult setting is easy for experienced players. The controls were also obviously designed for use with a controller and not a keyboard, so the console version is recommended for hardcore fans.

The full affect behind this game is meant to be the feeling of being inside the South Park cartoon, and it certainly reaches that mark. The graphics of the game are meant to emulate the cartoon itself, using paper-based 2D characters. All the characters from the show are voiced by the same actors, which helps the game feel like an interactive episode.

  • Hilarious Gameplay
  • Unique Combat System
  • Includes Fart Button
  • Amazing Adaptation
  • Warning: South Park Humor
  • No Difficulty
  • Made for Consoles

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